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Outdoor Poster Led Display

Digital directory boards are electronic displays that show directories, maps, or other information to help people navigate a building or campus. They are commonly used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, and other large facilities. Digital directory boards can be used in place of traditional paper directories, or as an additional display in addition to paper directories.

Digital directory boards can be created and managed using specialized software that allows the user to easily update and change the content, such as adding new locations or updating directions. They can also be programmed to display different information at different times of the day, such as office hours or emergency information. Digital directory boards may also include additional features, such as the ability to display images or interactive maps, or to provide real-time information, such as the location of available parking spaces.

Digital directory boards have several advantages over traditional paper directories, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the ability to easily update and change the content. They can also be more engaging and visually appealing, which can help improve the user experience and reduce the burden on staff who would otherwise have to provide directions or answer questions.

The whole screen has obtained CE and ROHS certificates and passed the FCC test.
The Digital LED poster is designed to meet the standard of Europe and the USA.

It's easy to adjust the screen size by using different quantity of Portable led posters.

  • Standing
  • Hanging
  • Creative Stitching

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Product specs

Model Type P2.5 M3 M3
Pixel pitch 2.5mm 3 mm 3 mm
Destiny 160000 111111 111111
LED Type SMD1415 SMD1921 SMD1921
Pixel type (R/G/B) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1) 1R1G1B (3 in 1)
Module size 320 x 160mm 192 x 192 mm 192 x 192 mm
Module Resolution 128 x 64 pixel 64 x 64 pixel 64 x 64 pixel
LED Moudle layout(W*H) 4 x 12mm 3 x 10 4 x 10
Display Size 640*1920mm 576 x 1920mm 768 x 1920 mm
Display Resolution 256*768 pixel 192 x 640 pixel 256 x 640pixel
Display area 1.23m³ 1.11m³ 1.48m²
Cabinet Size(mm) 643 x 1930mm 579 x 1930 mm 781 x 1930 mm
Resolution(W*H) 256 x 768 192x640 256 x 640
Case Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 45kg/unit 50kg /unit 55kg /unit
Drive mode 1/32scan 1/16scan 1/16scan
Viewing Distance >2m >3m >3m
Brightness 5000 cd/m 5000 cd/m 5000 cd/m
Viewing Angle/td> 140°/140° 140°/140° 140°/140°
Refresh rate >1920Hz >1920Hz >1920Hz
Input voltage AC 240/100+10% AC 240/100+10% AC 240/100+10%
Maximum Power Consumption 1350W 1050W 1400W
Average Power Consumption 450W 315W 420W
Control method: Asynchronous (WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI) Asynchronous (WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI) Asynchronous (WIFI/USB/LAN/HDMI)
Temperature Operating (°C) '-10°~+40° '-10°~+40° '-10°~+40°
Working Humidity 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90%
IP Rating IP65 IP65 IP65
Application Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
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