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Digital Signage & Dynamic Venue Communication

A key goal for any venue operator is to provide detailed information to guests and patrons. From the latest entertainment information, drink and menu specials to advertising and 3rd party offerings, etc. Display all this information easily for visitors and build informed relationships with your clientele.

The ease of use and effectiveness of the daily management software for these screens will surprise you, whether it’s a digital photo frame in a room or a video wall in reception. Improve customer communications, upgrade menu displays, and create a livelier atmosphere for patrons and guests. Digital displays present a unique opportunity for venue and restaurant owners to easily and effectively enhance their brand, market cross-promotions, and entertain customers while they wait to be served and seated.

  • Smart Digital Signage is ideal for displaying menus, daily specials, performances, happy hour etc
  • Post craft beer and other drink offerings
  • Earn revenue from advertising partners
  • Save money by eliminating printing and design costs
  • Manage and update content easily – control multiple screens from one central unit

Digital Signage: An essential addition to any Sports Bar. When installed in a sports bar, Digital Signage can be highly engaging. Full size LCDs that display highly anticipated sporting events will garner undivided attention. A video feed via the Digital Signage Software leaves the rest of the screen’s “real estate” available for dynamic messaging and advertising. Logos can be watermarked in a corner, sponsorship notifications can be run in a crawl line while an animated ad of your beer and wine selection can run on the periphery.

Digital Signage for Venues

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