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onQ Digital Perth - Who We Are

For over a decade, ONQ Digital has been providing Perth with premium digital signage solutions. We offer top class LCD and LED screens for hire or purchase. These range from mobile billboards and video screens to self ordering kiosks. ONQ can handle every stage of your digital screen service, including delivery and installation. We also employ a dedicated content team to perfectly integrate your marketing campaigns into our technology. Take a look through our extensive product range below.

Our Products

onQ Digital supply and install LED and LCD digital display products for the retail, automotive and corporate industries.


Our LUCID led screens come with a dual purpose design that fully optimizes your office or retail window space. These screens are invisible from within 5 metres, but create dazzling displays that are ideal for high traffic conditions. The panels on these units produce up to 6000 nits of brightness, which means your campaigns will be visible throughout the day. .

LED transparent


Digital menus are the common standard in most restaurant or fast food outlets. Our units come in 33’’ or 55’’ sizes, and operate well in both landscape or portrait mode. The onboard OS gives users a selection of layouts and templates that they can customize with their company’s branding.These video screens can be synchronized with each other and sequences can be run via USB or local network to create stunning sequences.


Large format led displays

These display screens are perfect for those looking to make big statements. These large mobile billboards are super lightweight and their magnetic mounts create very little stress on structures. Emitting up to 6000 c/m2 of brightness, your visuals will be perfectly visible throughout the day. Make use of our optical ambient sensor to optimize your picture quality and save on power costs.


Led outdoor display

Our outdoor LED displays are designed to handle the elements.. SMD-LED technology ensures that your presentations are always crisp and vibrant. Their high intensity brightness make them visible even against harsh sunlight. These screens come housed in extremely tough casing that is fully weatherproof and extra durable. Available in a variety of configurations including our very popular curved wall model.

Large format outdoor display

Led indoor display

Our indoor video walls have the widest selection of models to choose from. These video screens are designed to adapt to your space requirements. They are easy to install and maintain, with service panels at the front and rear of the units. Perfect or close distance viewing, these screens are simple, but very effective at adding some life to your wall space.

Large indoor display

Digital touch screen kiosks

These touch screen units are sure to keep your consumers informed and engaged.A large, tempered glass tablet with plasma finishing, these kiosks maintain high grade performance even after heavy use. The interface is highly intelligent, but also very user friendly. The PCAP screen offers users a touch screen like experience with a strong list of commands and gestures.Their high contrast ratios give off a consistent image quality from nearly all viewing angles.

Touchscreen kiosks

Lcd double sided displays

Our double sided displays will turn any unused areas in your space into prime digital real estate. A simple hanging mount mens that displays can be viewed from long ranges and most angles. These video screens produce up to 700cd/m2 of brightness, so your viewers receive your content in crystal clear quality. Our LCD’s are also designed to resist any blackening caused by direct sunlight over time.

Hanging double sided LED displays

Lcd self ordering kiosks

Self ordering kiosks have changed the way many retailers or outlet owners operate. Our high tech units cut down on costs, purchasing time and even increase the average spend per buyer. Some handy features include a thermal printer for inkless receipts, and QR scanner for barcode processing. These screens are treated with a 6H grade anti-glare coating to fight any harsh glare caused by indoor lighting.

Self ordering kiosks

Free standing digital kiosks

Simple, light and highly mobile, our free standing kiosks add a tasteful modern touch to your window display or floorspace. Optimized for eye level viewing, these screens deliver outstanding color saturation and contrast in any lighting condition. You can store and update your media wirelessly, via USB, or from the media locker inside the unit. These kiosks are both highly affordable and exceptionally high quality.

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