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onQ Digital Melbourne - Who We Are

ONQ Digital provides Melbourne with top quality digital signage solutions. We have been at the forefront of innovative marketing in Australia for 10 years. Our interactive LCD and LED displays come in a variety of formats and uses. From touch screens to tablets, we provide digital displays that ignite your retail or corporate space. Our content specialists create dreamy campaigns for these displays that give your brand incredible aesthetic edge. And to top it all off, we even handle the installation. Have a look through our exciting product list below.

Our Products

onQ Digital supply and install LED and LCD digital display products for the retail, automotive and corporate industries.


Over the last decade, the demand for innovative displays has vastly increased. Our LUCID led screens are a tasteful illusion that is both cost effective and easy to install. Near invisible from around 5 metres, but with up to 6000 nits of brightness, they are perfect for shop windows or large building displays. Our seamless 4 step installation process make them the ideal screens for hire or permanent placement.

LED transparent


Our menu boards will add the slick modern touch to your restaurant/takeaway space. Available in 33 and 55’’ models, these digital boards come with synced software to tailor to every taste. There are fully customizable menu templates on offer, and you can link several boards with a simple network link. Businesses without internet access can still operate their boards with a handy USB upload.

Digital menu boards

Large format led displays

Our large format displays have played home to some of the biggest and local and international branding. Their highly intelligent engineering results in an incredibly lightweight but long lasting display. They can be serviced from the front or rear through our lifetime service care policy, and can be easily assembled and installed. Available in a wide variety of specs including the popular curved wall model, our mobile billboards breathe startling life into your digital marketing plans.

Large format indoor displays

Led outdoor display

These outdoor LED display screens have superior durability. Their high intensity brightness make them visible even against harsh sunlight. Our high quality SMD-LED technology creates stunning visual clarity that makes your campaigns stand out from the rest. They are completely waterproof and can operate even in heavy weather conditions. Their frames make use of magnetic force to lighten the load they place on buildings, while also delivering amazing image quality.

Large format outdoor display

Led indoor display

These video walls come in our biggest selection. They are also modular, and our highly experienced team can find a solution for all your installation requirements. Designed for close-distance, our screens provide startling contrast and colour without causing any damage to the eye. Our team is well versed at creating content plans that bring out the true magic in these indoor displays, which are sure to add impressive dynamic to your space.

Large indoor display

Digital touch screen kiosks

The best way to keep any consumer engaged is interaction. Our touch screen displays offer user friendly interfaces that integrate effortlessly over Windows or Mac OS. The display resembles a giant tablet with an added layer of plasma treatment for extra protection. Our screens don’t lose any brightness or contrast regardless of their viewing angle. Our intelligent PCAP touch screen tech gives users an experience similar to that of a smartphone, with a healthy list of touch commands and gestures at your disposal.

Touchscreen kiosks

Lcd double sided displays

Our ultra slim double sided displays come with a sturdy mount for hanging. This is a great solution for often unused areas in retail or corporate spaces. This display can have its sequences uploaded onto an internal drive via USB, or fully controllable over local network. Our panels also produce 700cd/m2 brightness which can withstand direct sunlight over long periods. This means a consistent attractive display without any blackening or wear and tear.

Hanging double sided LED displays

Lcd self ordering kiosks

Self ordering kiosks have completely readjusted the way we handle our retail pay systems. Our state of the art units will do more than just save your business money. It’s even been proven to increase the average spend per buyer. Features include an integrated QR Scanner and an inkless thermal printer. Our kiosks come with a smooth vinyl wrap finish that you can customize with your company graphics and logos.

Self ordering kiosks

Free standing digital kiosks

Our digital kiosks bring a futuristic allure to your floorspace. Optimized for eye level portrait viewing, these boards are light and mobile. The screens emit exceptional color and contrast even in the most challenging lighting conditions. They can be operated over LAN,WiFi or 3G network. Alternatively, there’s a discreet storage locker inside the unit which can house your media source device. These units are both very affordable and extremely high quality.

Indoor freestanding kiosks

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