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Bespoke Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions Optimised for Crystal Clear Distant Viewing

LED Outdoor Large Format Displays

Digital directory boards are electronic displays that show directories, maps, or other information to help people navigate a building or campus. They are commonly used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, and other large facilities. Digital directory boards can be used in place of traditional paper directories, or as an additional display in addition to paper directories.

Digital directory boards can be created and managed using specialized software that allows the user to easily update and change the content, such as adding new locations or updating directions. They can also be programmed to display different information at different times of the day, such as office hours or emergency information. Digital directory boards may also include additional features, such as the ability to display images or interactive maps, or to provide real-time information, such as the location of available parking spaces.

Digital directory boards have several advantages over traditional paper directories, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the ability to easily update and change the content. They can also be more engaging and visually appealing, which can help improve the user experience and reduce the burden on staff who would otherwise have to provide directions or answer questions.

The onQ QA Series is the latest generation of onQ's fixed outdoor LED cabinets. The video wall displays in this series utilize a new aluminum profile that allows for an ultra-lightweight and ultra-slim cabinet structure. The onQ QA series are a perfect fit for large scale outdoor displays used in sports venues and DOOH.

  • 4, 6, and 10mm pixel pitch
  • up to 7,500-nit brightness
  • IP65 outdoor protection rating
  • Front and rear installation and service
  • Ultra-slim and ultra-light
  • Efficient power consumption

Product Features

Ultra-Slim and Ultra-Light

Compared with traditional fixed LED displays, the aluminum panel is of excellent precision and hardness, enabling a 54% reduction in thickness and 42% reduction in weight. As a result the cabinet weight is only 28kg/m². This greatly improves the installation and impact on the construction and fixation needs.

100% Front or Back Maintenance

The LED modules can be released from the front and removed both from the front or backside. The power control box is designed for quick, easy and efficient maintenance compared to the traditional multi-door designs. It also improves the flexibility and speed of serviceability.

Front Side Installation

The QA Series displays can be mounted close to the wall to save space and fit into a variety of installation environments.

Corner Installation

For those installations that require a corner, such as for example a naked-eye 3D wall. We have optionally available a dedicated corner cabinet. This ensure a seamless 90° corner. With no gap or black line visible there is no interruption in the image and a true seamless solution can be created.

High Brightness

These high-brightness outdoor displays ensure vivid and clear image quality even in bright sunlight and are suitable for day and night use.

  • Brightness up to 7500nits
  • Lower power consumption. E.g. QA10S: it saves 25% power over a traditional cabinet; the average power is only 265W/m²


  • Low temperature resistant design, operating temperature is -30° to 60°C.
  • No need for any additional fans, which reduces operating costs.
  • Full waterproof protection, both cabinet and module are water resistant. Full IP65 waterproof rating front and back side.

Stunning Image Quality

We use state of the art SMD-LED technology to create crystal clear image quality so that you can create timeless stunning visual displays. Our advanced video processing systems generate smooth image quality with zero image distortion. You’ll easily catch every eye inside, and outside the room.

Outstanding High Brightness

Our video walls emit an incredible brightness level of 6000cd/m2 for unparalleled visibility. Their image quality stays consistently strong even against direct sunlight, ensuring your content is seen 24/7.


Every video wall is housed in a robust aluminum enclosure to give it maximum protection against the harshest environmental conditions. Our outer casings carry IP-rated certification, and can withstand extreme heat, moisture, wind and dust even over long periods.

Ultra High Contrast Ratio

All our LED Video Walls generate a contrast ratio of 6,000:1. This allows them to produce immersive color spectrums and outstanding visibility without compromising on image quality.

Easy Installation

Our quick-mount system is a dream for both permanent and temporary installations. With a simple design composed of magnetic modules, positioning pins and a simple cabinet structure, installation, removing and changing screens is nearly effortless.

Lightweight and Slim Design

Our sleek, lightweight screen design places minimal stress on their mounting systems. Each cabinet weighs only 28 kg, and has a depth of 100mm for easy installation and minimal intrusion.


Each video wall comes with an exceptional waterproof level, and is designed with high protective grades and for high weather resistance. Our fixed mounting module has only four screws and can be easily assembled and disassembled. Our screens come with a fully closed structure that safely protects the inner electronic components from oxidation.


Screen can be customized to sit at 90 degree angles. We also include options for single sided & double sided lightbox screens, as well as wall mounting and customised curved screens

Front or Rear Serviceability

Service your screens quickly and efficiently through our user-friendly maintenance system. Our LED Video Walls can be serviced through a front or rear panel for easy access and painless maintenance.

Easy Installation

Our easy-mount system uses magnetic modules, positioning pins and a simple cabinet structure. This user-friendly mounting system makes our screens ideal for temporary or permanent installations, as well as rental jobs.

Lightweight and Slim Design

Every screen cabinet weighs just 28kg and has a depth of 100mm, making them some of the slimmest and most lightweight units on the current market. Our screens are designed to be lightweight to place minimal stress on the mounting structure.

Project Videos

Product specs

Model QA04S QA06S QA10S
Pixel Configuration SMDSMDSMD
Physical Pixel Pitch (mm)4.446.6710
Module Resolution (WxH)72x7248x4832x32
Module Dimension (WxH, mm)320x320320x320320x320
Module Composition (WxH)Standard: 4x3Standard: 4x3Standard: 4x3
Cabinet Resolution (WxH)288x216192x144 128x96
Cabinet Dimension (WxHxD, mm)Standard: 1280x960x71 (Optional: 1280X640 / 640X960 / 640X640)Standard: 1280x960x71 (Optional: 1280X640 / 640X960 / 640X640)Standard: 1280x960x71 (Optional: 1280X640 / 640X960 / 640X640)
Cabinet Area (m²)Standard: 1.2288Standard: 1.2288Standard: 1.2288
Weight (kg/cabinet; kg/m²)35; 2835; 28 35; 28
Pixel Density (Point/m²)5062522500 10000
IP LevelIP65 Front/RearIP65 Front/Rear IP65 Front/Rear
Brightness (nits) 6000 75007500
Color Temperature (K) 3000-100003000-100003000-10000
Viewing Angle (horiz; vert) ° 150; 110150; 110 150; 110
Deviation of LED Luminance Center (after calibration)<3%<3% <3%
Contrast Ratio6000:16000:16000:1
Power Consumption(max; avg)/m²720W; 240W790W; 265W790W; 265W
Input Voltage (V)AC100~240V(50-60Hz)AC100~240V(50-60Hz)AC100~240V(50-60Hz)
Installation Front/RearFront/RearFront/Rear
MaintenanceFront/Rear accessFront/Rear accessFront/Rear access
Refresh Rate @60Hz≥3840≥3840≥3840
Frame Rate Processing (Hz)50 & 6050 & 6050 & 60
Operation Temperature (°C) -30 to 60-30 to 60 -30 to 60
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 to 60 -40 to 60 -40 to 60
Operation Humidity (RH) 10 - 90% 10 - 90% 10 - 90%
Storage Humidity (RH) 10 - 80%10 - 80%10 - 80%

Why Choose Our Commercial Display Solutions?

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From the moment you receive your product, throughout the duration of your warranty and even after your warranty has expired we are here to support you. If you require any assistance is setting up or using your product, or have any problems at all, we can provide free technical support via telephone and email.


If needed, we can provide an installation service for any of our products. We can also set up service-level agreements for larger projects that require maintenance contracts. *Additional charges may apply


All of our LCD and DV-LED commercial display products come with a 3 year commercial warranty as standard but if you want to extend this you can upgrade this to cover a 5 year period at point of purchase. *Additional charges may apply. May exclude some products


As well as providing free remote CMS training sessions and webinars we can also visit you to deliver bespoke training for our software and hardware* Additional charges may apply.


Should your display suffer from any kind of hardware failure during the warranty period we will send you an advanced replacement and arrange for your old display to be collected, free of charge. This ensures no downtime where you are without a screen. UK mainland warranty only.

Custom Product Testing & Configuration

If you need us to test third party software or a website, or configure your screen in a particular way before it is dispatched (e.g. in a particular orientation or network mode), we can do so to make your life easier.

3D Rendering

Want to know how a particular screen will look once installed? Send us a photo of the location and we will create a 3D rendering of any screen in situ to help you to visualise how amazing it will look.

Logistics Support

We hold more stock in our AUS warehouse than any other manufacturer so we can help you meet tight deadlines. For last minute orders we can also offer special express or morning delivery options (additional charges may apply). We also carry out AUS based quality control checks on every display before it leaves our warehouse.

Project Support

If you need to loan a sample unit to test we’d be more than happy to arrange this. We can also provide a rental service for temporary projects* Additional charges may apply.


data-original-title="Your display can be customised to suit your requirements by adding your logo or printed graphics or even tailoring the colour of a display. We can also carry out hardware modifications to existing products or manufacture bespoke solutions for special projects. *Additional charges may apply".


As well as being able to provide accessories and add-ons, such as extra remote controls, NUC PCs and video wall controllers, we can also supply custom made flight cases which are great if a display needs to be moved safely from place to place. *Additional charges may apply.
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