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Fitness & Recreation

Drive memberships and engagement

Engage existing members by utilising digital signage to highlight additional classes and programs such as pilates, spin classes, yoga etc. Promote sessions on digital screens in workout or rest areas, and ensure that members are aware of the full range of gym services available to them.Entertain gym members and promote healthy living content streamed to multiple screens in a mirror format or various other display options. Stream live sporting events, entertainment, lifestyle shows, internal motivation programs and create a fully immersive experience for your clients and gym visitors.

Digital signs in a gym are a great visual vehicle for gyms and fitness clubs to present relevant content over the noise of a gym and drive memberships and engagement.

  • Broadcast live TV or run news update
  • Show music videos or fitness related programming
  • Display club promotions
  • Promote loyalty programs
  • Promote gym safety and rules
  • Advertise third party services and products

Smart Digital Signage for the Fitness Industry

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