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Informing Patients and Visitors

Digital signage is a powerful visual medium and a great communication tool for engaging visitors while waiting in reception areas.

This is a valuable opportunity to reach them with important educational messages, informative programs and advertisements. Hospitals, clinics, health practices and community health centres can use video, animation, graphics and bulletins to reinforce messages and inform patients of important health issues, treatments and news. Operating smart digital signage is a simple task with easy-to-use templates enabling clinic administrators to update signage displays in patient rooms, lobbies, waiting rooms and hallways easily.

Use Digital Signage technology to turn the time patients spend waiting in doctor and hospital receptions into a valuable educational or marketing opportunity.

  • Display important health care announcements and reminders
  • Broadcast medical documentaries
  • Sell advertising space to medical companies and pharmaceutical providers
  • Update patients on the latest medical treatments and procedures

Internal Communications Network

Digital Signage networks can help you reach more employees with critical information and staff correspondence.

  • Display boards in strategic locations such as cafeterias, and other high traffic areas
  • Rotate important reminders and general interest slides to keep content fresh and engaging
  • Celebrate success by promoting star employees and positive company news

Smart Digital Signage for the Healthcare Sector

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