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LED - COB Fine Pitch

Realistic visuals with vivid and vibrant colors

Digital directory boards are electronic displays that show directories, maps, or other information to help people navigate a building or campus. They are commonly used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, and other large facilities. Digital directory boards can be used in place of traditional paper directories, or as an additional display in addition to paper directories.

Digital directory boards can be created and managed using specialized software that allows the user to easily update and change the content, such as adding new locations or updating directions. They can also be programmed to display different information at different times of the day, such as office hours or emergency information. Digital directory boards may also include additional features, such as the ability to display images or interactive maps, or to provide real-time information, such as the location of available parking spaces.

Digital directory boards have several advantages over traditional paper directories, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the ability to easily update and change the content. They can also be more engaging and visually appealing, which can help improve the user experience and reduce the burden on staff who would otherwise have to provide directions or answer questions.

  • Amazing compact and streamlined design

    Ultra-thin 31mm cabinet, just 4.5kg in weight

  • Cutting-edge full flip-chip COB technology

    Enjoy the unrivalled visual experience while providing strong protection against external impacts.

  • Perfect 16:9 aspect ratio

    Get maximum flexibility as you can splice FHD, UHD and FUHD screens at random!

Dark as ink,smooth as a mirror

The module adopts a matte black finish treatment, ensuring a uniform and consistent ink-like colour. The customized connectors combined with the magnets on the cabinet allow the module to adjust in three axes and six directions, ensuring a perfectly flat screen surface.

Dual backup, multiple protection

The receiver card and power supply both support dual backups. If the signal receiver or power module fails, it will automatically switch to the backup module to ensure normal display and provide protection for continuous display.

Full Front maintenance

Using a suction cup tool, the module can be easily dismantled and installed, improving maintenance efficiency. No maintenance channel is required, saving installation space.

Unique hole positions,various installation options

The four corners of the cabinet have front and rear bi-directional mounting holes, supporting fixed mounting, wall mounting and other installation options, suitable for various installation environments

  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Cable Free Design
  • Energy Saving
  • Full Flip-Chip COB
  • Seamless Splicing
  • High Protection

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Product specs

Model ONQ63-09VF ONQ63-12VF ONQ63-12VFA ONQ63-15VFA ONQ63-18VFA
Pixel Pitch(mm) P0.9375 P1.25 P1.25 P1.5625 P1.875
Resolution 640 x 360 480 x 270 480 x 270 384 x 216 320 x 180
Panel Technology Full flip-chip COB
Unit Size (W × H × Dmm) 600 x 337.5 x 31
Surface Treatment Matte black finish
Brightness(nits) 600 600 600 600 500
Contrast Ratio ≤1000000:1
Colour Temperature(K) 3000 ~ 9300
Frame Rate(Hz) 60
Refresh Rate(Hz) 3840
Working Voltage AC:100V~240V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max(W/m²) 370 320 350 350 325
Power Consumption AVG (W/m²) 125 110 120 120 110
Viewing Angle(H./V.) 170°/170°
Lifetime(Hours) 100000
Operating Temp(℃) -10 ~ +50
Humidity Range(%RH) 10 ~ 80
Circuit Scheme Common Cathode Common Cathode Common Cathode Common Cathode Common Cathode
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