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Essential Digital Signage

Companies and brands across the globe are recognising that their facilities and workplaces are effectively a spokesperson for their brand, while also creating cohesive work environments for employees. Digital Signage enables brands, businesses and companies to broadcast information, important updates and bulletins in a fast, efficient way. From greeting visitors to employee communications and productivity, digital signage systems can play a key role in creating an optimum environment as dynamic as the companies that deploy them. Content can be published across the network to multiple screens at once, providing a singular solution for keeping employees informed. Send out notifications regarding meeting times, schedule changes, better-informing employees in such places as break rooms, factory lines and even on their desktop and always keep your staff in the loop.

Effective Communication with Customers and Employees.

Efficient internal communication is crucial for creating satisfaction and support amongst your personnel. Whether you own a small or large business, Digital Signage can help you to strengthen your relationship with employees, customers, and other essential stakeholders by offering an enhanced platform to present your communications platform.

Customise content for each internal office or department and deploy to specified screens across your international offices.

  • Publish company news and highlights in lobbies and other locations.
  • Highlight sponsorships and community initiatives.
  • Maximize the reach of announcements to your employees.
  • Boost efficiency through employee directories and facility maps
  • Boost productivity by eliminating the need for unnecessary phone calls and emails.

Smart Digital Signage for Corporate

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