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Dynamic Real Estate Signage

Turn receptions and display windows to selling opportunities. Reduce agent waiting times and let a digital signage display system start selling your properties to potential customers even before the first handshake is made. Animated sight and sound creates a desired mood and captures your audience’s imagination. Crisp HD displays and big bold imagery will attract eyeballs to listings and add visual appeal to your office.

  • Engage more clients and begin selling your properties faster
  • Offer virtual tours and broadcast neighbourhood videos to your customers
  • Publish demographic data (such as median house price and school quality )
  • Modernise your office presence and boost your company’s profile
  • Upload content from anywhere with OnQDigital’s user friendly central admin solution

Create improved listings

Digital Signage represents the future of real-estate advertising, and will set you apart from the competition.

  • Show more features for each of your listings – floor plans, property maps, pictures of the best room in the house in a dynamic format
  • Improve the readability of your property information – no more hard-to-follow letter-sized printouts
  • Find an ideal outlet for the digital media you’ve accumulated on your properties – from photos and videos to slide presentations.

When your real estate office considers how much more it can do with a relatively small investment in Smart Digital Signage, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it. Without any licensing or software support fees, you simply pay the start-up cost and then let your new displays go to work for you.

Smart Digital Signage for the Real Estate Sector

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