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Lucid LED transparent

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Digital directory boards are electronic displays that show directories, maps, or other information to help people navigate a building or campus. They are commonly used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, and other large facilities. Digital directory boards can be used in place of traditional paper directories, or as an additional display in addition to paper directories.

Digital directory boards can be created and managed using specialized software that allows the user to easily update and change the content, such as adding new locations or updating directions. They can also be programmed to display different information at different times of the day, such as office hours or emergency information. Digital directory boards may also include additional features, such as the ability to display images or interactive maps, or to provide real-time information, such as the location of available parking spaces.

Digital directory boards have several advantages over traditional paper directories, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the ability to easily update and change the content. They can also be more engaging and visually appealing, which can help improve the user experience and reduce the burden on staff who would otherwise have to provide directions or answer questions.

Indoor Fixed Installation Transparent LED

onQ-Clear Series:
The onQ-Clear Series is ideal for a variety of applications, such as shopping malls, mobile phone shops, retail chain stores, window glass LED displays, and Auto 4S shops. This series is a great option if you need to showcase LED advertising while allowing light to come through the building.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-thin and lightweight: weighing less than 11kg/m², and can be joined together in any configuration.
  2. High transparency and brightness: with more than 4500-5000 nits and a hidden wire design.
  3. Saves on labor costs: the power box can be quickly opened and closed with one hand.
  4. Equipped with quick plug-in parts, convenient for events.
  5. Customized cabinet sizes to meet different project requirements.
  6. Edge protection design prevents LED collisions, which results in a longer lifespan.

Product Features

Higher transparency and infinite possibilities

onQ-Clear series is based on positive-lighting technology, its high transparency able to reach 80%.

High Brightness

Peak brightness up to 4500-5000NITS, even if installed in a glass window exposed to direct sunlight, can be viewed clearly.

Multiple specifications to adapt to different installation environments

onQ-Clear transparent LED display offers the flexibility of design and shape to deliver a truly free and inspirational installation.





Modular design

Using high-precision PCB cutting process, so that the width of a single layer of PCB board is just to accommodate a lamp bead,
leaving enough space for the light transmission layer!

Light and reliable aluminum architecture

Aluminum cabinet architecture results in advanced heat dissipation and management and longevity of life, Only 11 kg per square meter, fixtures on the cabinet are strengthened to improve reliability and protect the cabinet from erosion.

Flexible Frame Design

Supports curved installation to match the project requirements at the installation site.

Easy Maintain Easy Installation

Quick-lock disassembly, Only one person can maintain it independently.


Project Videos

Project Videos

Product specs

HD Transparent Led Display
ITEM P2.6 P2.97 P3.47 P3.91
LED lamp bead model SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1415
Pixel Pitch 2.6-2.6mm 2.97-2.97mm 3.47-3.47mm 3.91-3.91mm
Module Resolution(W*H) 192*24 168*21 144*24 128*16
Module Size(W*H) 500*62.5mm 500*62.5mm 500*83.28mm 500*62.5mm
Module Fixed Way Front Access (Screw)
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 192*192/192*384 336*168/336*336 288*216/288*288 256*128/256*256
Cabinet Size(W*H) 500*500/500*1000 1000*500/1000*1000 1000*750/1000*1000 1000*500/1000*1000
Module Arrangement(W*H) 1*8/1*16 2*8/2*16 2*9/2*12 2*8/2*16
Density of Pixel (dots/m2) 147456 112896 82944 65536
Transparency rate 40% 42% 45% 50%
Cabinet Weight(kg/SQM) 12.5kg 12kg 11kg 10kg
Refresh rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 2800Hz 3840Hz
Scan Method 24 Scan 21 Scan 16 Scan 16 Scan
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Brightness 5000
Viewing angle 140°/140°
Gray scale 14bit-16bit
Signal Input Universal
Operating Voltage AC: 110V~240V、 50~60Hz
Maximum Power(W/m2) 800
Average power(W/m2) 240
High Transparent Led Display
ITEM P2.6-5.9 P2.8-5.6 P3.9-7.81 P10.4
LED lamp bead model SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727
Pixel Pitch 2.6-5.95mm 2.8-5.6mm 3.9-7.81mm 10.4-10.4mm
Module Resolution(W*H) 192*12 176*22 128*16 48*12
Module Size(W*H) 500*71.4mm 500*125mm 500*125mm 500*125mm
Module Fixed Way Front Access (Screw)
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 384*84/168 352*88/176 256*64/128 96*48/96
Cabinet Size(W*H) 1000*500/1000 1000*500/1000 1000*500/1000 1000*500/1000
Module Arrangement(W*H) 2*7/2*14 2*4/2*8 2*4/2*8 2*4/2*8
Density of Pixel (dots/m²) 64512 61952 32768 9216
Transparency rate 55% 60% 75% 80%
Cabinet Weight(kg/SQM) 10kg 10kg 10kg 10kg
Refresh rate 1920-3840Hz 3840Hz 2800Hz 3840Hz
Scan Method 12 Scan 11 Scan 8 Scan 3 Scan
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Brightness 5000
Viewing angle 140°/140°
Gray scale 14bit
Signal Input Universal
Operating Voltage AC: 110V~240V、 50~60Hz
Maximum Power(W/m2) 800
Average power(W/m2) 240
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