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ONQ Digital - Digital Signage for Banks

A variety of industries have flourished from the handy benefits that digital signage offers their infrastructure. The banking sector has also seen a major rise in the usage of digital signage and with good reason. Banks require seamless operation and top-tier customer service almost more than any other industry, given the nature of the commodity they trade. Digital signage and displays have proven to add considerable value to both ends of banking infrastructure, whether it be employee or client-based. With this in mind, we’ve created a brief guide on the importance of integrating digital signage into your banking business. 

Why Use Digital Signage?

The list of benefits that digital signage offers any business grows by the day, but you may be wondering how they apply specifically to the banking sector? Below are a few fundamental advantages that digital signage will add to your banking operations:

Provide Valuable Information

Customers tend to enjoy a retail or business space a lot more when they feel familiar, comfortable, and informed. One of the simplest but most essential uses for digital signage in banking spaces is for information. A few well-placed digital displays can help to streamline the foot traffic in your banking space and keep consumers from feeling lost or uncomfortable. You can also provide other information like operational times, public service announcements, or other important notices that you may want to relay to the general public. Your customers will appreciate every question they don’t have to ask, and this will go a long way in building strong consumer relations. You can design and curate personalized these types of information into playlists, and choose which screens to display them on through a handy group functionality option. 

Quick, Paperless Communication

We live in an age where we have to be extremely conscious about the carbon footprint we create with our businesses. Just a few decades ago, printouts were made for nearly any form of receipt or communication. Digital signage allows for us to seriously cut down on these types of communications, by placing notice boards in central locations for groups to acquire important information. A handful of banking processes can now also be automated and run through interactive kiosks, which provide digital displays of statements, balances, or other important consumer information that may not require a printout. 

Reduce Perceived Customer Waiting Time

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that banks (like airports and hospitals) are not high on the list of places most customers enjoy spending time in. Even with the distraction of a mobile device, customers still feel a sense of stress or unease when visiting banks, which can be diminished with some well-curated displays. There is a variety of uplifting content (from sports and current events to stocks and entertainment) that banks can display from their digital signboards to help take customers' minds off of the angst of dealing with finances. This has been proven to reduce the perceived waiting periods while on-site and will improve the customer’s psychological associations with your business and brand. 


One of the more obvious uses for digital signage in banks is advertising space. Customers tend to spend a fair percentage of their on-site time waiting for service, or various operational processes. It’s during these waiting periods that they tend to pick up on advertising the most, as they’re naturally looking for information to stimulate their brain. With some well-placed digital signboards, and carefully curated content you can inform your customers of any deals, packages, or incentives you may be offering. This type of advertising is especially beneficial as your consumers can engage, inquire and hopefully take interest in any offers you may want to advertise. You’ll also be able to gently but consistently maintain a strong brand identity with constant displays of your bank designs, logos, and other brand-related content. Alternatively, you can generate extra passive income by offering your screens as advertising space for other businesses and brands. 

Customer Feedback

Customers feel exceptionally valued if they feel like they contribute to your business’ identity. You can encourage this narrative by acquiring customer feedback on various areas of your bank’s operations. Digital signage tablets and kiosks are designed to create an interactive experience for the customer and are also another great way to keep consumers busy in between points of service. You can design and initiate your customer surveys to run independently over these screens. This will acquire you precious information on how your consumers feel about crucial areas of your business like customer service, the retail environment itself, and any feedback on their needs and requirements. These kinds of services also allow banks to gather important statistics on their demographic reach, as well as point out any consistent red flags within the operation line. 

Final Thoughts

The banking sector can be an incredibly tough and competitive world to navigate, but it doesn’t have to be. There have been a plethora of tech innovations that have simplified and streamlined the banking experience for both business and consumer. The advent of digital signage within the banking sector has been a welcome addition to the infrastructure of most modern banks, and with good reason. The aforementioned benefits are just scratching the surface of potential boosts that digital signage can offer your bank. Thanks for reading through our brief guide on digital signage for banks.

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