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The Benefits Of Digital Signage and Menu Boards for Restaurants

The restaurant and dining experience has been turned upside down with the advent of digital signage and menu boards. In an ever-growing population, it can sometimes be challenging to curate an ergonomic restaurant operation while still muscling past competitors on the marketing front. We at OnqQ have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with the optimum toolkit to tackle these obstacles. That’s why we’ve compiled this article as a guide to outline the benefits of digital signage and digital menu boards for the restaurant industry. 

Boost Brand Presence

As humans, the majority of our daily information is consumed through some form of screen, be it laptop, mobile device, or otherwise. This factor can make it tricky for businesses to push their branding through older mediums like print media, radio advertising, etc. Digital signage offers restaurants an incredibly powerful platform to create visual marketing campaigns that can compete with modern marketing standards. Whether you’re looking to set up a billboard campaign, or simply want to upgrade your on-site aesthetic - digital signage delivers unparalleled imagery and display quality. 

Streamlined Sales Process

The restaurant experience has improved tenfold thanks to the advent of interactive digital kiosks. Automated kiosks can place your customer’s orders, process their payments, and even suggest specific meal combos or deals to them as part of a promotion. Our kiosks have proven to be imperative during the rush periods of a restaurant’s daily operations, speeding up the sales process while also taking the pressure off your employees so that they too can perform at an optimum level. Our kiosks are designed to run on a 24/7 timeline and come with a self-check and health monitoring service to save you valuable time and resources. 

Push Specific Offers and Deals

Effective marketing is all about strategy, and a good strategy is all about knowing what products to push, and how. Many restaurants tend to squander a fair amount of their marketing capital on redundant campaign strategies, and some don’t even implement a strategy at all. Digital signage units come with an incredibly ergonomic content management system that allows businesses to easily curate impactful promotional campaigns. Using this platform, you’ll be able to create well-timed content playlists to push specific products throughout different periods of the day. Perhaps you have a coffee and bagel special that you’d like to exhibit until noon or a group deal on certain weekdays. Digital signage allows you to effortlessly organize and funnel all of these promotions and offers into organized playlists for scheduled rollouts. 

Improve The Customer Experience

Unlike retail or other services, the restaurant industry is a largely experiential one. Consumers are much more likely to enter and stay in your restaurant space if they feel comfortable and find your aesthetic appealing. Digital signage has provided a healthy list of innovations and solutions to ensure that restaurants can offer their diners the best possible dining experience. Many businesses opt to screen a variety of current events, sports, or entertainment. Other businesses may choose to screen selected video edits that enhance or integrate with the restaurant’s theme or branding. These valuable displays drastically reduce the average customer’s perceived waiting time while also providing a point of uplifting mental stimulation. These kinds of subtle hospitalities can go a long way in strengthening your consumer relationships and increasing your chance of returning customers. 

Instant Consumer Feedback/ Insights

Your customers provide you with the most valuable insights on the overall impact that your business is creating. As a restaurant, it’s crucial to encourage your diners to provide feedback on any vital areas of your operation. There are a handful of handy ways that digital signage can help implement this system. Automated kiosks can integrate quick question surveys into the customer’s ordering protocol to compile precious insights on their product range. Similarly, you can set certain interactive screens and tablets to entice customers to provide their opinions on your restaurant at strategic points across your site. This type of real-time feedback is one of the most valuable resources a business can acquire when trying to improve its line of operation. 

Paperless Receipts 

Restaurants are amongst the industries that require intensive monitoring when it comes to their carbon footprint. A considerable amount of natural resources goes into running a restaurant, and it’s a business’ social responsibility to diminish their carbon footprint as much as possible. Digital signage comes with paperless receipt functionality, which saves insurmountable costs on unnecessary printing costs. Customers can now opt to have any receipts sent straight to their contact accounts for reference or personal use. 

Final Thoughts

The restaurant and dining industry is one of the more competitive sectors for a business owner to navigate. However thanks to the advent of digital signage you’ll be able to effectively optimize a considerable portion of your operational and marketing strategies. At OnQ we pride ourselves in providing world-class digital signage solutions for leading restaurant brands around the world. Feel free to contact us to find more on how you can integrate digital signage into your business plans and strategies. 

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