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7 Ways To Use Digital Signage In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry has always been a fast-paced hub of innovation and design. This narrative has become especially prevalent over the last decade, especially within the digital signage sector. Today we’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the top uses for digital signage within hospitality. These uses vary from enhancing customer experiences to improving overall aesthetic and operational processes. Read on to find out how and where you can use digital signage to improve your hospitality services. 

Virtual Concierge

The virtual concierge has completely revolutionized the way businesses approach their guest management systems. As the title suggests, digital kiosks automate and digitize a variety of guest-related tasks. Implementing a virtual concierge will inevitably speed up check-ins, and also add security to any registrations and payments. Virtual concierges can ensure that your guests are provided with your business’s terms and conditions, and even entice guests into signing up for any upcoming events or activities. You’ll be able to regulate the standard of service that your customers experience while saving operational costs. 

Information And Guides

Hotels can sometimes be an overwhelming environment for some guests to navigate. You’ll be able to make your guests feel more at home by displaying bright, clear signage for any important areas of your hotel. Many hotels have implemented interactive tablets and screens with maps of their business’s entire layout structure. These screens are incredibly handy at showing guests the quickest routes to their rooms or any points of interest you wish to direct them to. 

Promote Group Deals and Specials

Holidays are a great time for businesses to capitalize on group deals and promotions, especially within the hospitality industry. You can make the most of seasonal foot traffic with some strategically placed digital signage that displays your special group offers. Perhaps you would like to run a 2-for-1 spa deal on Valentine’s Day, or a family discount on specific meals at your restaurant. There are fewer platforms for these types of marketing campaigns that are as impactful and easy on the eye as digital signage. 

Improve Design and Aesthetic

You can breathe a dynamic into the overall appearance of your hospitality space by integrating your company colors and aesthetic into your digital displays. There is a wide selection of led screens on hand that can be custom fitted to fit almost any space and size. The creative possibilities for digital signage are only limited by the imaginations of your designers. Adding this type of display into your operational space will exponentially increase your brand consistency in the minds of your guests. This practice is an often overlooked, but crucial step in strengthening consumer relationships. 

Display Current Events and Entertainment

Your guests use your business to escape the world of their day-to-day lives. Solid hospitality service involves doing whatever you can to take your guests’ minds off of their stresses. Digital signage offers a simple medium for simple, uplifting distractions for your guests while they enjoy your services. Businesses can offer daily updates on news and current affairs, as well as weather and financial reports. These types of displays work exceptionally well at reducing the perceived waiting periods in queues, lobby areas, and other places that might experience rush periods. Your guests will feel more at ease during their overall stay and will be more likely to return for another relaxing experience with your business. 

Run Staffing Operations

So many industries have integrated digital displays into the back-end of their operations. You can run a handy list of staff operations and communicate seamlessly through an in-house digital display system. Group screen functioning allows you to control displays on multiple screens simultaneously from a central location. You can implement schedule changes or share vital information on all or selected screens via remote access with a laptop or tablet. Digital displays will also allow you to inform your staff of any important emergency notices without alerting your guests. 

Digital Receipt Systems

We live in a time where it’s incredibly important to monitor the carbon footprint our actions create. Digital displays have removed a lot of redundancies from business operations to aid these efforts. One problem that digital signage tackles quite easily is printing. Consumers no longer have much need or purpose for printed statements in the modern era. When consumers make use of digital kiosks their receipts can be mailed directly to their contact accounts. You can only imagine the scale of savings that businesses can acquire by switching from hard copy to digital receipts. 

Final Thoughts

The list above is just the tip of the iceberg of the benefits that digital signage can offer your hospitality business. Whether you need to streamline your operations, improve your customer experience or you simply want to add some flash to your marketing campaigns - there simply is no better solution. Thanks for reading through our hot list of ways to use digital signage in the hospitality industry.

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