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ONQ Digital - 5 Ways Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Business

Digital signage is one of the most powerful tools that any business can utilize for various aspects of their operational stream. Several sectors have leveraged digital signage to overcome a wide scope of problems as well as improve several elements of their existing operations. Many business owners and investors alike are considering integrating digital signage into their business strategies, and might need a clearer idea of the format’s primary benefits. To help build a better picture, we’ve compiled a brief guide to the 5 ways that digital signage can benefit your business.

What Use Digital Signage?

Digital signage offers businesses an exceptionally effective communication tool for a wide variety of applications. Digital display units are common sectors such as retail, hospitality, advertising and healthcare and safety. Digital signage has been shown to optimize several streams of communication, and the technology has an incredibly broad capacity for innovation. As a business owner, it’s vital to know just how digital signage can be applied to your business strategies.

These are 5 ways that digital signage can benefit your business

Optimize Internal Communications

Digital signage is an incredibly effective platform to streamline any communication within a workspace. Screens that are strategically distributed throughout any environment have a considerably higher reach than traditional print or content viewed online. Screens can be utilized to send out general announcements, inform anyone of important updates or changes, and be lifesaving in an emergency situation. Screen content can also be accessed and managed remotely, and all screens can be accessed through a single point over a stable wireless network connection. Employing a screen network will also enhance the team dynamics within a workspace, and as a result boost productivity and raise morale.

Boost Engagement

Studies have shown that digital displays are up to 8 times more effective in drawing attention than traditional static and printed displays. Digital signage is capable of emitting an image quality and brightness that far outperform traditional displays, and are more likely to turn heads. The advent of innovations like touch-screen displays offer an added dimension of interactivity for users, and also vastly improves the general customer experience. By integrating elements like social media and live RSS feeds into their content streams, companies will see substantial increases in real time user engagement, while also collecting precious data on user habits and behaviors. These types of interactive experiences are a particular highlight in the retail sectors, as they have been shown to boost consumer trust and drive sales accordingly.

Reduce Costs and Increase Sustainability

One of the most noticeable and powerful benefits that digital signage offers is its capacity for cost saving. Traditional signage and billboards require their components to be altered with every new campaign, while screens require zero hardware replacements. This factor accounts for an immense amount of expenses saved on production, labor, textiles, distribution and disposal. The reduction on all of these aforementioned elements also translates into a much more eco-friendly approach to business and advertising communications. Consider the amount of paper alone saved on printing costs through the use of digital signage. Screens are also capable of powering on and off at scheduled times for optimum power efficiency, where traditional displays may require constant lighting for maximum effectivity. In addition, screens can have many of their original parts repurposed or recycled once they have reached the end of their lifespan.

Enhanced Branding

One of the most imporant benefits that digital signage can afford any business or sector is their capacity for strengthening brand identity with customers. Through signage businesses can weave a golden thread of consistency in their visual content to help cement their brand identity using their company logos and colors. Digital signage screens can be calibrated to create immersive video wall displays within brick and mortar buildings, generating stunning visual campaigns that breach the threshhold customer retention. Thanks to the advent of technologies like mobile app integration, social media and QR codes, consuers now have an abundance of ways to quickly access your content and product/ service catalogue - so knowing how to effectively integrate these into your branding will help to build strong brand relationships with clients.

Improve Customer Experience

There are a healthy number of ways that digital signage has been shown to improve the gneral customer experience within a space. Screens offer a much more vibrant and eye catching visual experience than regular print formats, and can be used as a point of information or for light entertainment. Screens distributed strategically throughout retail spaces can drastically lower the perceived waiting times that customers experience in stores.Hospitaltity and resturant industries have adopted touch-screen kiosks to provide customers with a self-service platform to help manage periods of hight foot traffic. This factor can help to alleviate stress levels and bring help to ensure return customers. Interactive displays offer consumers a controlled means of browsing through product and service catalogues. Additionally, touch screens can be used to help consumers with wayfinding, and offer them to quickest routes to their desired locations.

Final Thoughts

There is an ever growing abundance of oppurtunity and possibility when it comes to integrating digital signage into a business plan or portfolio. And with the innovations like AI technology, VR & AR and enviromental awareness on the rise, digital screens have only begun to scracth the surface of their fully unlocked potential. You can use the pointers listed above to appropriately plan powerful and effective communication strategies using digital signage. Our list of 5 benefits above is certainly not exclusive, and businesses everywhere are concstantly discovering new rewards from switching over to digital display platforms.

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